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February 21, 2018

Archives for September 2014

Fresh Grace

John Owen devoted himself to Christ. It wasn’t merely that he did great things for Christ, but he looked intently at the great things about Christ. The evidence of this devotion is written down in Owen’s massive commentary on the book of Hebrews. You can also see Owen’s devotion in his meditation called, The Glory of Christ.

Anticipation and Measurement

We need a Scripture-formed, sanctified imagination to lift our expectations of what God may do in fulfilling his promises. Think about ways that God would put his biblically defined glory on display. Can you anticipate that God would actually do it? Is it possible that God would glorify himself in a particular way? Consider that Jesus, anticipated

New Spurs

What do you give a seven year old for his birthday? Video games and electric gadgets? This year my wife picked up a guitar for our son. Even though one of the other boys gave away the surprise within a half hour of getting it home, the seven year old was delighted with the guitar,

Alone with God Outside Eden Valley

I set out this morning throwing books and bags and breakfast into the cab of the truck like a Ponzi schemer the day after the cheques bounced. I knew I needed to work today. I mean really work. The kind of work that sheeptenders are to do. Not just the public work of preaching and

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