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January 21, 2018

Archives for September 2014

Fear of Missing Out?

With endless choices and possibilities presented to us every day from which twitter link to tap or which coffee roast to imbibe, it seems wrong to leave an opportunity unexploited. No one wants to miss the boat, misfire or miss out. When there are things to do that would improve the experience of life, people live in

Leave ‘Er Sit

“O Lord God, our heart often sinks within us; we are apt to wish to lay our hand upon the ark to steady it, for the oxen shake it; but we know it is in Thy hand; and having spread the case before Thee, we leave it there” ~Charles Spurgeon, The Pastor At Prayer

What is Cowboyology?

The Two Bits of Cowboyology My life has always been bits and pieces of things. It’s never been a monolith. Over time there have been two bits that are prominent, the cowboy bit and the theology bit. Its a strange combination. Some people assume that I pastor a ‘cowboy church’, but I’ve got too much

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