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January 21, 2018

Archives for October 2014

5 Prayers for an Outreach Event

If you are unable to attend your church’s outreach event, you still have a critical role to play, namely to pray. Outreach events are often a lot of ‘doing’ and the ‘praying’ part can be forgotten. Below is a simple guide for the hard work of praying for an outreach event. Pray for Clarity. In most

Remembered Revelation is the Root of Prayer

Prayer is an active memory recital toward the living God. In prayer, we remember both needy people and God’s revealed promises. We boldly request that God would act for the people in accord with the promises. Paul focuses on memory in prayer in Romans 1.9. When Paul said he prays, “without ceasing I mention you”, the word

Bitter Preachers?

Of this bitterness in preaching, … so sensible was he of its being quite natural to all of us, that oftentimes he made it the subject of conversation, and used to grieve over himself if he had spoken with anything less than solemn compassion. Andrew Bonar’s recollection of Robert Murray M’Cheyne, (Memoirs and Remains of

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