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January 21, 2018

Archives for July 2015

A Worldview Against the West

The author of the Hank, the Cowdog children’s stories wrote an article for American Cowboy on ‘political correctness’ and how that worldview sees the West. In our cultural moment, John Erickson’s article highlights the differences in worldview that are becoming inescapable. Erickson writes: It took me a while to figure out the obvious, that there are people in the

Calvin as Pastor-Scholar

The grandeur of this achievement becomes all the more evident when we remember that these Commentaries were the work not of a detached scholar, but of a Reformer whose days were filled largely with pastoral work both in the church and in the state. His multiple activities and preoccupations in the latter capacity, especially in

6 Thoughts on the Integrity of God

Romans is focussed on the Integrity of God. This integrity is tested by accusations that God is essentially hypocritical. So God is challenged and Romans reaffirms that: God will judge the Wicked, even if it looks like he won’t. (ch 1) God does justify the Ungodly through Faith in Christ (Ro 3.26) All things do work together for good to

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