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February 21, 2018

Archives for December 2016

Trading Pastors

[M]inisters are a merchandize one cannot lay one’s hands on as easily as it were to be desired. John Calvin, Letters Volume 4, Page 320.

Bucked Off

I’m getting too old for this. Or that’s what I thought when I slowly rolled myself into the half ton as we went to gather cattle. It all started fairly innocent. My brother and I were assembling horses for all of the kids to ride, his son and daughter and my two boys.  All told

Between Youth and Old Age

In the span of three days I’ve seen the span of life. From ‘senior-highers’ to seniors, I have been able to travel the path of promise and mortality through the faces of a youth group on Friday night and a senior’s centre on Sunday afternoon. On Friday, the bustling talk stumbled easily from the bible