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January 21, 2018

Anticipation and Measurement

We need a Scripture-formed, sanctified imagination to lift our expectations of what God may do in fulfilling his promises. Think about ways that God would put his biblically defined glory on display. Can you anticipate that God would actually do it? Is it possible that God would glorify himself in a particular way?

Consider that Jesus, anticipated God glorifying himself. Jesus imagined, or foresaw that God would glorify himself (John 12.27).  And the voice of the Father came and said quite logically, “I have glorified it and will glorify it again” (12.28).

Imagination or foreseeing with the eyes of faith is not a speculative endeavour. Rather it is an indexing of possibilities which the infinitely powerful God is capable of. It is an attempt to measure his capacities, based on his revelation of those capacities.

Think of a track and field event. The record holder is lining up to make a long jump. Everyone anticipates that the record holder has the capacity to make another record breaking jump. We anticipate, based on what we know, and have measured in the past.

Paul attempts to measure the love of Christ in terms of height and depth and breadth (Eph 3.18), but admits that it surpasses measuring (v.19).  When we anticipate God’s abilities, and in a Scripture-formed manner we measure God’s capacities over against our needs, then we are gaining faith in God’s credibility. He may chose to act in any way he likes. But we know that he has capacities for glorifying himself that go beyond even our short yardstick.

Christian, are you anticipating what God can do? Have you read of the Scripture’s measurements of God’s capacities?

May we grow in anticipation based on biblical measurements.

About Clint Humfrey

Pastor of Calvary Grace Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm married with three sons. Views expressed on this blog are my own.