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February 21, 2018

About Clint Humfrey

Pastor of Calvary Grace Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm married with three sons. Views expressed on this blog are my own.

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Too Much or Not Enough?

Too much or not enough? That is always the challenge when we look to church history, historical theology and the history of biblical interpretation. How much credence do we give to the reflections and conclusions of those who have gone before us. The Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck is really helpful : The history of dogma

Graces and Resources for March 5

Grace Spotting In the Core Seminars, the OT Overview continued to uncover the beginnings of God’s people, while the Jumpstart class continued to lay foundations for Christian faith and life. In the seminar, Living as the Church we looked at corporate prayer and preaching in church. In all of these ways we are learning about

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