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January 21, 2018


The Horseman’s Art

  It has been my fortune to spend a great deal of time in riding, and so I think myself versed in the horseman’s art. Xenophon The Art of Horsemanship 350BC [photo credit: Wikipedia]

On Harvest

In the West we are full of the limitlessness of possibility. In what sector of society do we not feel entitled to growth? No matter where we look, growth is sought at any cost. Stock markets climb artificially. College students grades inflate. Credit card debt finances disposables. Sexual promiscuity leaps distant hurdles. If there is

New Spurs

What do you give a seven year old for his birthday? Video games and electric gadgets? This year my wife picked up a guitar for our son. Even though one of the other boys gave away the surprise within a half hour of getting it home, the seven year old was delighted with the guitar,

Alone with God Outside Eden Valley

I set out this morning throwing books and bags and breakfast into the cab of the truck like a Ponzi schemer the day after the cheques bounced. I knew I needed to work today. I mean really work. The kind of work that sheeptenders are to do. Not just the public work of preaching and

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