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February 21, 2018


Too Much or Not Enough?

Too much or not enough? That is always the challenge when we look to church history, historical theology and the history of biblical interpretation. How much credence do we give to the reflections and conclusions of those who have gone before us. The Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck is really helpful : The history of dogma

St. Patrick knew all about human trafficking

This is an article I wrote for National Post  a while ago on the issue of human trafficking as it relates to the life of St. Patrick. With the rise of the slave trade by ISIS, the porn industry, and ‘coyotes’ smuggling people by land and sea, human trafficking grows in today’s barbarity. Praying for the gospel

The Gods Aren’t Evolving, They’re Not Even Alive

It is important to know that the birth of Jesus, the Shepherd-King in Bethlehem was not an evolution of a Sumerian Tammuz or a Greek Adonis.   Tammuz and Adonis are passed away remembered only in Departments of Antiquities. Devotion to, and anticipation of, Jesus of Nazareth, continues apace, because the evidences for his identity are

The Duchess and the Dogmatist

In the time of the Renaissance few names were as notorious as the Duchess of Ferrara, Lucrezia Borgia. But another Duchess, Lucrezia’s daughter-in-law was entirely the opposite. In fact Renee of France, the later Duchess of Ferrara, had a court full of Protestant sympathizers. An amazing array of characters passed through the castle of Ferrara in