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February 21, 2018


The Trickling River

  In Ezekiel 47 there is a vision of the Temple given to the prophet. In the vision, a flow of water spills out of the temple. It starts as merely a trickle (v.2).The flow begins like so many things associated with the glory of God revealed. It starts small. It is almost imperceivable. It’s a

Protecting Enquirers, Seekers and Converts

  It isn’t something that has been written about in the popular Christian leadership magazines in the West. There aren’t conference topics on the subject at gatherings for church leaders in the US, Canada, Britain or Australia. But things are changing. Now churches have to think about the reality of protecting people who are interested

Too Much or Not Enough?

Too much or not enough? That is always the challenge when we look to church history, historical theology and the history of biblical interpretation. How much credence do we give to the reflections and conclusions of those who have gone before us. The Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck is really helpful : The history of dogma

Canadian Christians: Dwarfs, Deadheads or Douglas Firs?

It’s really encouraging to see all of the good and godly resources that are available to Canadian Christians today. Consider what a blessing it is to have Tim Challies writing and  resourcing us, assisting in the discipleship of Christians all over the world. There are new initiatives like The Gospel Coalition Canada getting off the

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