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January 21, 2018

Knowing the Times: October 1, Year of Our Lord 2014

Cowtown Jihadis

Calgary has sent approximately 30+ into the ranks of ISIS in Syria and Iraq in order to wage jihad. A recent Muslim conference in Calgary discussed the radicalization of Muslim youth, with a list of media reports.

In answer to the question posed by the Toronto Star, ‘What do we do about Canadians joining ISIS? I say this: Canada needs a thoughtful re-assessment and re-engagement with Jesus of Nazareth, whom even Muslims esteem as a prophet. But what is required is the message that the apostles described as the gospel of Jesus Christ. This message is one of repentant faith in Jesus as God, the Son who atoned for sin at the historic cross of Calvary, and who evidentially rose from the dead on the third day after. This gospel has a regenerative power to transform hearts and instil counter-intuitive love for God and love for neighbour.

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