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January 21, 2018

Oil isn’t all that’s falling: Alberta and the Moral Revolution

Millenia-old definitions of human identity are tumbling like the price of so much unwanted crude.


Now, thanks to new legislation announced from NDP minister David Eggen, schools in Alberta must permit young boys and girls to self-identify in any way they prefer, and to go to any washroom or change room their heart desires.


Confusion reigns as boys will have access to the privacy of girls and vice versa. This goes for washrooms or locker rooms. This is government mandated voyeurism in Alberta schools.  


The irony of the situation is that if a child is uncomfortable with the new intermixed activities of boys and girls (and those self-identifying in a personally preferred way), they don’t have a right to have the activity changed to ‘boys’ or ‘girls’. They are shunned away with the lonely option of ‘independent study’.


So the sexual confusion of a child now binds all other children (and educators) to accommodate. But the concern of another young child for their own privacy and safety, is marginalized to the segregated ‘non-gendered’ washrooms and separate study halls. Though many say it is all about human rights, it is clear that for the NDP government, some emotional damage is more equal than others.


So Alberta takes a further step in joining what theologian Albert Mohler has called “the vast high-velocity moral revolution.” Make no mistake, Alberta is far from being a Bible-belt.


Looking at this issue from a Christian perspective, the Alberta government is attempting to calibrate policies in denial of biblical and biological realities. God created human beings as male and female according to Christian Scripture. The inherent and physiological differences of the sexes have been recognized for ages, being the subject of sonnets and sitcoms.  All of that is overthrown easily by legislators today.


Yet,in a fallen world, affected by sin (another bit from the bible), it is to be expected that gender identity would become confused at times. The early Christian apostle Paul knew this, yet offered the prospect of clarity through restored gender identity. This hope is the message of deliverance which Jesus was all about.


Students in a confused world will experience all of the angst and difficulties of growing up. Some will wrestle with how to interpret their feelings. But it does not assist students struggling with gender questions to dismantle the obvious binary nature of the sexes.


In the NDP government’s pursuit of protection for self-identifying transgender students, it instituted a policy of perpetual instability in schools, even potential voyeurism. If it is all about preferences, then why don’t the kids simply pick the Pink Floyd Option, ‘We don’t need no education/ we don’t need no thought control’?


As Albertans watch the price of oil crash, they are also seeing nothing less than the collapse of what it means to be human.

About Clint Humfrey

Pastor of Calvary Grace Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm married with three sons. Views expressed on this blog are my own.