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January 21, 2018

The Most Important Thing in Your Future

Are you stuck right now? Or should I say are you stuck in the now?

A symptom of this is when you seem glued to ‘the feed’ whether Facebook, Twitter or your social media of choice. You stare at it fearing you might miss out if you don’t scroll a bit more. Life in the now is just a merry-go-round. Up, down, round and round without any sense of destination or destiny. ID-1006096

We can forget about the future and only be caught up in the whirlwind of the now. But consider what is the most important thing in the future. Your future.

Don Carson has the answer to that hefty question:

In our generation, which reflects too little on the future and almost never on eternity, it is distressingly obvious that we need help, help from God, so as to be able to know the hope to which we have been called. Only then will we become more interested in living with eternity’s values constantly before our eyes. What we will have to show before the great King on the last day will be infinitely more important to us than what we leave behind here. (A Call to Spiritual Reformation)

Are you ‘living with eternity’s values constantly before your eyes?’

Start thinking about your future. And what is the most important thing in your future.


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